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Old Phones - 5 Good Reasons You should Collect them

5 Reasons You should Collect Old Phones

Collecting old phones is HOT! And heating up more everyday.
What is it about old phones that makes them so desirable?
Why are so many people collecting them? Why should you?

1) For a lot of models, there just weren't all that many made.
old phone model 102In today's world when everyone has their own personal cell phone, it is easy to forget that ONE phone per household was not even common until after WWII. And phones in rural and low income America was the exception, not the norm. Models like the 302 and the 500 may have been in service for many decades, but prior to them phone models and designs were changed quiet often. The production of the 102 and 202 models didn't span a decade combined. And there was a flood of candlestick designs that saw brief production and short service. Before that, the wooden crank phones at the turn of the century where a novelty reserved for the well to do.

2) Many old phones where destroyed.
rusty old phones trashIt was the phone company's policy to destroy old phones that were no longer in use. They were burned, crushed, buried or otherwise disposed. Up until the mid 1960s there was very little value placed on phones taken out of service. Not even for spare parts, since the phone companies had stock piles of parts. So old phones were simply - gotten rid of - by whatever means was locally expedient. This is precisely why they so rare today. Few lasted into the twenty-first century. Old phones from that era, that still survive in any condition, are hard to find.

3) The allure and romance of old phones.
With cell phones and iPhones being such a large part of today's busy lifestyle, many people are attracted to the simpler heritage of vintage phones. Young and old alike are mesmerized by the less complicated and slower way of living in the early twentieth century. Telephones were a vital part to the unfolding of the historic events of that era. Perhaps old phone collectors are seeking a small connection to that history. Whatever the reason, the allure and romance of old phones is drawing more collectors to them every day.

4) Accelerating prices.
For the reasons stated above many models of old phones are both collectible and rare. Scarcity and desirability will always drive prices upwards. As more and more people compete for fewer and fewer old phones, values accelerate. This has drawn serious collectors to evaluate antique phones in an all together new light. Not as a hobby, but as an investment.

5) Old phones are STILL undervalued.
wooden crank style old phoneDespite all of the reasons above! And knowledgeable collectors know this! Amazingly, vintage phones can still be found at quite affordable prices on eBay auctions. For instance, a typical candlestick phone, in good to fine condition, sells for between $70 and $150. Original wooden crank phones can often be had for under $200. In relation to the number of old phones available, these prices are exceedingly low. The dollars being paid for vintage telephones have accelerated somewhat in the last 12 months, largely due to the fact that so many new foreign collectors are coming into the market. But, according to experts, prices are expected to rise even more.

Perhaps you should Invest in some yourself,
-- you'll be glad you did!
eBay Old Phone Auctions

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